Vol. 64, No. 1, February 2018

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A Very Successful Software Testing Contest
at the University of Texas at Dallas

W. Eric Wong
IEEE Transactions on Reliability &
Chair, Dallas Chapter

Lon Chase
Member of Administrative Committee
Vice Chair, Dallas Chapter

The Dallas Chapter in conjunction with the Computer Science Department at the University of Texas at Dallas and Mooctest, Inc. organized a very successful Software Testing Contest at UTD on January 27. There were about 180 contestants, including students (both undergraduate and graduate) from

  • UT Dallas
  • UT Arlington
  • University of North Texas
  • Southern Methodist University
  • etc.

The total amount of cash awards was $1,200 USD for six winners. Below are some pictures taken at the contest.


We would like to especially acknowledge the students in Professor Eric Wong group (who are all RS members) for helping to organize this contest

  • Linghuan Hu
  • Xuelin Li
  • Shou-Yu Lee
  • Dongcheng Li, and
  • Haoling Wang

We would also like to give our sincere appreciation to Dr. Jey Veerasamy, Director of the Center for Computer Science Education & Outreach at UTD, and all the student helpers form the center for managing registration and many logistical details.

Thanks also go to Mr. Yuan Zhao (Nanjing University), Mr. Siwei Zhou (Wuhan University of Technology), and Professor Liang Luo (University of Electronic Science and Technology of China) for their technical support at the contest.

Last but certainly not the least, we would like to give special thanks to Professor Zhenyu Chen (Chair of RS Nanjing Chapter and Faculty of Nanjing University) and his team at Mooctest Inc. for providing an online testing platform to support this contest.

A similar article of this event is also posted on the website of the Computer Science Department at the University of Texas at Dallas.

For the international part, in 2017 we organized the 1st IEEE International Software Testing Contest at QRS 2017 (the 17th IEEE International Conference on Software Quality, Reliability and Security) in Prague, Czech Republic last July. Click here for more details and a PowerPoint slide show of some pictures. The 2nd IEEE International Software Testing Contest will be held at QRS 2018 in Lisbon, Portugal on July 17. In China, we organized multiple contests in 2017 with more than 7,000 contestants from over 300 universities and colleges in 32 provinces. An article about these contests appeared in the November 2017 issue (Vol. 63, No. 3) of the RS Newsletter.