The IEEE International Contest on Software Testing

The 2023 Summer IEEE International Contest on Software Testing

Software plays an integral part in our everyday lives because of its near ubiquitous influence in our increasingly technological society. It has significant impacts on the improvement of efficiency, reliability, security, and safety of many service-oriented and miss-critical systems.

These goals, however, cannot be well accomplished if the software is not properly tested. Many lessons aim to provide students with the fundamental knowledge and techniques of software testing. But they often ignore industry practices and can hardly offer real-world testing experience to students. To address this problem and to promote advanced software testing theory, techniques, and tools, the Technical Committee on System and Software Assurance of IEEE Reliability Society in conjunction with Waseda University (Japan) and Kanagawa University (Japan), as well as other sponsors such as Mooctest Inc. have organized multiple IEEE International Contests on Software Testing at different venues in recent years.

The upcoming contest will be held in conjunction with DSA 2023 (the 10th International Conference on Dependable Systems and Their Applications) on August 10 (Thursday) in Room 8, Building 121, Waseda University, 513 Wasedatsurumakichō, Shinjuku City, Tokyo, 162-0041. [More Information]. Participants can also join the contest online via Zoom.

This contest aims to bring real-world testing and tool-using experience to the participants and provide them with excellent opportunities to overcome industry testing challenges with their learned testing techniques.

News & Announcements

2023-08-01       Tutorial and practice test available online
2023-08-01       Registration open

Tutorial & Practice

All the contestants should watch the video and complete a practice test at
to get familiar with the Mooctest platform before participating in the contest.

☞ Click here to watch the tutorial on Youtube.


All the contestants should visit Registration Link to complete their registrations no later than August 9. The contest is free of charge.

Certificates and Cash Prizes

Each contestant will receive a certificate for attending this contest.

Winners will also receive cash prizes as stated below.

Rank Name + Prize
1st PlaceYuya Sasaki ($300 USD Prize)
2nd PlaceMeng-Hsien Wu ($200 USD Prize)
3rd PlacePinyi-Song ($100 USD Prize)
3rd PlaceShunsuke Mori ($100 USD Prize)
3rd PlaceChin-Wei Liu ($100 USD Prize)

Contest Guidelines

  • All contestants must use their computers with the required software installed (see Running Environment). The contest has two parts:
    • The first part is a JUnit tutorial and practice test. It will be available from August 1 to 9. Each contestant can complete this part by himself/herself. The objective is to help contestants understand the contest format and the basics of the JUnit testing framework. Each contestant needs to have basic knowledge of Java programming.
    • The second part is the contest on August 10, 2023, between 13:40 - 17:20 (Japan time, UTC+9). The contest is individual-based. Each contestant will design test cases with specific input values based on the given source code to test multiple Java programs. The quality of the generated test cases will be measured by the code coverage and mutation score achieved.

Running Environment

Win 10 or MacOS with Java 8 and Eclipse installed and Maven set up.
Here are the Java and Maven installation guides.
Eclipse with MoocTest Plugin: Windows 64 bit and Mac (Please download the correct version of Eclipse with the MoocTest plugin for your language and operating system).
Please also watch the tutorial video for more details.

For Mac OS, add mvn to /usr/local/bin/mvn or /usr/bin/env
and run the eclipse Alia executable file to open the eclipse.
In addition, you can download the MoocTest Eclipse Plugin and Eclipse separately and add/install the Plugin yourself.

Contest Venue

The contest will be hosted in a hybrid mode. An in-person contest will be held in Room 8, Building 121, Waseda University, 513 Wasedatsurumakichō, Shinjuku City, Tokyo, 162-0041 [More Information]. Online contestants will join via Zoom (Meeting ID: 826 1228 0927, Passcode: STC2023) between 13:40 - 17:20 (Japan time; UTC+9), on August 10, 2023.